London, Paris and (a bit of) Amsterdam

Royal Albert Hall - London

When I finished college a few years ago, all my saving transferred themselves into tickets. Tickets for Europe. No job hunting yet. Europe first! I was two weeks in London, a week in Paris, a few day in Amsterdam. Then a long long time in Bangkok (my hometown), being poor . haha

One of  japanese former prime ministers (I don’t remember his name now) was asked by the press why he chose to become a politician. He said when he graduated from college, he was completely clueless. Then he was encouraged to take a trip to Europe, take some time off  and observe himself. He took a trip and gradually realized that he naturally pays attention to politics of every country visited. And that was exactly what he has chosen to do later in life. In this article I read, he persuaded every young japanese to go out and see the world outside (and inside). I am Thai, yet I take his word very seriously.

I was determined to see what I automatically go to or do during the trip. Exactly, sketching. During the trip, I realized how much I enjoy drawing. It was a big peace there to travel slowly, quietly, sketch and then sketch.

And here are what I had from that trip

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

I am a big fan of Hyde Park. I can be there all day long. In this picture, behind the trees was Princess Diana House, Kensington Palace.

Also Hyde Park

Also Hyde ParkAgain in Hyde Park. Watching people breathe

Tower bridge (But people do think it's London bridge and Mine is literally fallinf down)
Tower bridge (But people do think it’s London bridge and mine is literally falling down)

Then I went to Bath and of course the unskippable Stonehenge



Then I took a quick train to Paris (to be continue)

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