Fire Dept. and the kids

Yesterday. there were several mysterious tents set up here in Prags Boulevard, Copenhagen. I was wondering what they are for. And today the answer comes. The firemen arrived since early morning. Then came all the kids in the neighborhood.  The fire dept brought out fire truck for the kids to explore. The are now some demonstrations with the rescue dog. All the kids are excited. Of course, I am as well so that could not help sketching.


ok now I can guess

ok now I can guess

here comes the tent

here comes the tent



tent 4

fire dept

then yep, the sketch.


4 thoughts on “Fire Dept. and the kids

  1. Hi there!
    I am happy that u opened this blog. I am also thinking about writing some kind of English blog. 🙂
    I will check on u time to times.


    • no just to have kids up there pretending to drive. those stuff like children day in Thailand na. but kids were very excited laew.

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