quick sketch : party goers

Date: May 16,2009/Time: 10 pm on/Place: Amagerbro,Copenhagen

so, quick sketch.

it is an exercise for your hand. No thinking. No expectation. Just sketch.

Tonight,Charlotte my flatmate took me to one house warming party at her friend’s. I know almost no one but I ended up sketching pretty much everyone. After a few drinks of couse and people let loose a bit, drawing is such an effective tool to get to talk to them. They will talk about the hair, the beard, their unusual/unique feature on their face.

the crowd

I was told long ago that what I was doing called ‘contour’ but actually I do not know its name. The policy cannot be more simple. You find yourself a pen and paper. Find your victim. Draw him/her. Two rules. 1. don’t look at your drawing pad whatsoever. 2. Do not lift the pen. (so the whole picture is only one line from the beginning to the end)

No need to perfect it. Just to have fun and get your eyes and hand exercising.

Charlotte (left) and friends

Charlotte (right) and friends

ok here it starts




that’s it. 🙂


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