Royal Palace from a Distance

Date (of the sketch): April 9,2009/ Place: the Opera House, over looking the royal palace and Marmorkirken (the dome)

Royal palace here in Copenhagen is one of the most famous tourist attractions. There are fully-dressed guards standing there very still/ tight face only for you to come and  take photo, trying to make them laugh and stuff. I was there once but I love it the palace more from afar.

royal palace sketch

I once saw the map of Copenhagen with a very beautiful cover photo. It is a river with beautiful dome and buildings. I was all the time secretly looking for that view in the picture since I arrived. But I could not manage, until after a while. When you are in one place for some time, you gradually build its map in your head right? So after a while I can guess where it should be. So after school one day, I was very determined to bike to one place, the Opera House. It is on the river bank of Copenhagen. And when I arrived, there it was…. the picture from the map cover, the royal palace and Marmorkirken (church-the dome). The waterfront there is stunning. When it sunny and warmer, I went back to draw. of course :  )

royal palace sketch 2

After I discover the view was when I had to hunt for a new apartment. I came across one ad on the net and decided to go check it out. Guess what, this apartment is on the fifth floor and the view from the kitchen is exactly this view but from further. It is the most scruffy apartment building you can find yet I still choose to rent it. Part of it,yes, because I was in a rush–I need the room very urgently— but still that single windowmade me decide very fast. I am very happy with my kitchen window now.  I truly love my view.  Last week, I cleaned the window very nicely  and now the vision is very good. The color of the sky has never been the same yet, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. And it is absolutely gorgeous when the sun goes down. I am addicted to window now, to tell you the truth. And I did not enjoy the royal palace in its place as much as I do from afar.

Have a good day everyone ; )

cleaning the window

cleaning the window

my beloved kitchen window

my beloved kitchen window


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