Summer Sketch 09: Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall came down today exactly 20 years ago.

Note* The trip was actually in August 09.


3 thoughts on “Summer Sketch 09: Berlin, Germany

  1. Nice!!!!! U r artist na ni, Koi. Miss u wa. Hope I have a chance to visit u in Helsinki before u go back to Bangkok.

    I was there in Berlin in the past 2 weeks. It was nice there…. hehehe…. I love Germany 😀

  2. how do u like the holocaust museum?
    i just love the place 🙂

    keep on sketching koon koiiii

    Oh i love those little jam jar picture jung
    Was it breakfast in the Swine flu hostel? hehehe

  3. the jam was homemade by an old lady who came to sell her stuff at second hand market. v cute. she was excited that I was so excited about it. hehe. so cute 🙂

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